We are two separate companies and photographers coming together to ensure you get the most quality photos of your event!

Bethany Howell Dogs in Motion Photography is an Arizona based photography company. Specializing in dog events, Dogs in Motion Photography and Bethany will insure that your next event has professional photography for your competitors.

Bethany has been involved in photography for many years and has decided to focus on dogs and dog sports in the last few years. Her dedication and skill show in every photo! Dogs in Motion is well known in many areas of dog photography, but in recent times has focused on French Ring, Agiliy, K9 Nose Work, Barn Hunt and Dock Diving events to name a few.

Gloria Anderson Go Dog Photo is a Las Vegas/Southern Nevada based photography company. Also specializing in dog events, Go Dog Photo and Gloria have been fine tuning the art of shooting dogs for more than 16 years.

Together Bethany and Gloria now come together for events to bring you the highest quality images and professional service available. Although still two separate companies, the goal to make sure each event is shot and organized to make sure competitors have the most options and quality images, Your Dog Images was born! This is a showcase and selling site for event photography shot in tandem by Bethany and Gloria. If you would like to contact one of the photographers directly, links to each business website are located in the navigation on the left! We look forward to your business and know you will enjoy our work.