Quality over quantity is something we firmly believe in. With a combined 40+ years of experience, we bring a knowledge of photography, skill and use of equipment that is unmatched in our field.

Our Photos are more than a job to us. We are also pet owners. Will will NEVER sell an image that we would not purchase ourselves! Our post-processing of an event might take a little longer than other, less experienced photographers, but the wait will be well worth it!

We have a multi-step process to give you the finest images taken. We go through all photos and immediately eliminate any photos that are of a quality we do not find acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Out of focus and/or soft photos
  • Poor lighting - either over or under exposed
  • Questionable composure
  • As well as other issues we would not want to see in an image. Only then do we one by one check each remaining image for the highest standards to sell.

    WE NEVER digitally enlarge or up-size images. What is that you might ask? Ok, if you take a photo with a shorter lens and you are farther away - every picture is only so many pixels in size (those are the dots that come together to make that picture look good). The more dots, the larger the photo. BUT, if you take a photo with say a total of 2000 pixels and crop it to just the dogs face - now there are only 500 pixels, but that's not large enough to print. So, some photographers will take that 500 pixel face and change it to 2000 pixels again. That is up-sizing or digitally enlarging. The photo will look terrible! What happens is those 500 pixels simply spread out in size to fill in the missing 1200 pixels and your photo will appear fuzzy.

    Together Bethany and Gloria have spent thousands of dollars on Quality equipment, and not "kit lenses'" or inferior products. A "kit lens" is meant for hobbyists and beginner photographers. You can still get a nice photo with a lens that comes as a part of a kit when you buy a camera, but it will not equal the quality of a photo with a quality lens like those used by us.

    Not only has there been a significant investment made in equipment, but even more so in time! Learning the art of photography is much more than pointing a camera and shooting. Thousands of hours over the years have gone into learning every part of the camera, how it works, lighting, position, modes, changes and so much more! If you ever want to know how complicated it can be, ask about the different settings on one of our cameras and prepared to be bored unless you really, really have an interest!!/p>

    While we never discourage you from taking photos or looking at others taken at events, we do ask that you please keep in mind:

  • Many times at an event, a poacher will show up. This might be a newer photographer who is out to try and sell photos, but cannot match our experience. PLEASE wait for our photos to be posted before purchasing from these people. We know we have a superior product and just ask that you compare the quality before making any decisions.
  • Most of the poachers are not asked to leave the public event, but were not invited there. We NEVER show up at an event and just start trying to gain new clients or sell photos. If we are at an event, we have been invited, or have checked with the organizers and have PERMISSION, to be there, hand out cards or sell our work.
  • Most important - we work hard, spend an incredible amount of time constantly trying to improve and give you quality work. While we encourage newer photographers to improve and strive to be better, we never support those who think it's acceptable to just take a "picture", sell it and call themselves professional. It hurts everyone in this profession. If you love seeing quality photos of your animals, please keep in mind that if you choose to purchase photos from non-sponsor/beginner photographers, the professionals will stop coming.